May 18th,2016 5pm

Tonight for Tomorrow

On May 18th dine out to make a difference! Its the one night you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering dessert, for every dollar spent on food one dollar will be donated to Mealshare!
What is Mealshare? Mealshare partners with restaurants to help provide meals for youth in need.

Head to their pop-up website below and sign up for the “Most Delicious Petition Ever” to be reminded of the event, have a chance to win some great prizes, and sent some exciting event updates! Help Mealshare make a big impact and paint the town orange‬ by telling your friends and family how they can turn their dining out, into helping out on May 18th!

Rock Paper Portside presented by Jolly Brain Productions begins at 9pm, anyone ordering a meal receives complimentary cover.

See you May 18th on The Portside to enjoy delicious food for a great cause:)