Great bartenders are born, not made. If you walk through a crowd, you can pretty much point out the people who could succeed at this job, based on how they carry themselves and how they relate to other people. The basic skills of the job can be taught, and the nuts and bolts of this job do not require an advanced degree, but a truly great bartender has the natural compulsion to make people happy.
Portside is a bar that is slightly different, just as every person is different. We are looking for bartenders that are more than just cocktail makers. We are looking for bartenders who can light up a room.
Our rules of the ‘game’:

-Do everything you can to make your guests happy
-It’s not your party – It’s not your booze, but we want everyone to think it is.
-You are on stage and people are watching you so smile your face off.
-Know what you serve and why
-Know what is going on that night and why
-Cash is king – handle it with precision
-Tips aren’t everything. It’s a long-term game. Customers should love you and want to come back
-Look the part.
-Be more than just a bartender. Be a promoter.
-Get good at banter. People pay for booze, but they tip for your service.
-Keep a clean bar.
-Talk to people and throw high-fives.
-Behind the bar, you are an illusion, a fantasy and an actual person all rolled into one.

Who we are looking for:

-Someone with a positive attitude and finds the ‘good’ in anything
-A great communicator
-Dexterity, quickness and multitasking is essential – A background in sports is a bonus
-A team player
-A bit of a socialite – lots of friends and is well liked
-Young and energetic
-The right attitude – we hire attitude over aptitude 100% of the time.


-bar backs
-kitchen staff

We’re always looking to make great additions to our team, send your resume to and a manager will respond to you shortly.